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Budgetly for NDIS: Sydney Disability Connection Expo 2022

Budgetly aims to deliver a modern expense management solution for NDIS service providers. In a show of support for the hard work that these service providers do, our team paid a visit to clients at the Sydney Disability Connection Expo 2022.
Budgetly for NDIS: Sydney Disability Connection Expo 2022

The NDIS is a lifeline for disabled communities in Australia, and NDIS service providers are at the heart of it. Currently, there are over 17,000 providers in Australia servicing over half a million people with significant or permanent disabilities. 


The Sydney Disability Connection Expo is an event organised by Developing Australian Communities, and a platform for providers and participants under the NDIS scheme to connect. It gives service providers a chance to reach out to more participants and for participants and carers to find help and solutions they need. 


The Budgetly team attended the expo to support our clients in New South Wales. It was also a good opportunity to catch up with our NDIS service providers and ask for feedback on their experience with Budgetly. 

Budgetly NDIS

How Budgetly helps NDIS service providers. 

Many NDIS service providers spend too much time on admin and suffer from a lack of visibility on their company funds. This takes away time they could spend helping more participants, which is demoralising for many NDIS workers. 


With more businesses going paperless and cashless after the pandemic, NDIS service providers should leverage technologies that can help them reach more participants. By creating an efficient and automated expense management process that reduces paperwork, service providers can stop doing meaningless admin work, boost employee morale, and stay competitive with their resources. 


“I chose Budgetly because their customer service was really good. Plus, their software is easy to use and cost-effective. I’d definitely recommend Budgetly to other NDIS service providers.” - Ravi Bhatt, Sunrise2Sunrise Community Care.


“I’d absolutely recommend Budgetly to other businesses. It’s a no-brainer. And the support from Matt and the team, from their phone call check-ins to even giving us their phone numbers, you just feel safe and secure as a business.” - Adam Shnider, Head of Finance, Carer Solutions.


For more information on Budgetly’s prepaid corporate card and how it works, schedule a demo with us today, or watch a 10-minute recorded demo. 

Going on a Woolies run? It's much easier with Budgetly.


To find out more about Developing Australian Communities, visit their website. 

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