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We're dedicated to providing a new, easier way to manage your expenses process.

It’s our mission to build a next-gen financial platform for the Experience Economy that empowers employees and businesses to manage business expenses efficiently.

With a team of experienced professionals, we strive to:

Deliver efficient management of business expenses and corporate cards all in one place.

Go paperless and capture expenses as they happen, for 100% visibility.

Allow for smarter budget allocation with set rules and more accurate tracking.

Create a streamlined expense management process that saves businesses time.

Our core values

We believe in four core values and are committed to customer satisfaction and excellence.

careers-ill04-values_embrace change

Embrace change

By nature we’re curious and adventurous. We love being bold and making iterative improvements often. The ability and willingness to iterate fast is in our DNA.

Based on client feedback, we’re always at-the-ready to realign our road map to consistently deliver value to customers.




careers-ill04-values_carte blanche

Carte Blanche

We loathe bureaucracy and avoid micromanaging, we see leadership as a support function. We build co-worker and organisation trust and encourage diverse thinking through well-defined processes that give our people freedom and flexibility.

Employees enjoy discretionary powers to make decisions using good reason and judgment. Clearly communicated KPIs for teams and individuals removes bias, provides transparency, upholds accountability, and awards recognition.

careers-ill04-values_wisdom in data

Find wisdom in data

Data first! Always make use of data and information to answer questions and solve problems. Use knowledge from data to drive decisions and back any claims or ideas you put forward. Be resourceful, measure, analyse and influence positive change.

careers-ill04-values_we all own it

We all 'own it'

Our determined, optimistic attitude drives us to step up and take a lead role. We’re all shareholders so we all have a shared interest and meaningful purpose to take responsibility and own it! Collectively, our ‘get it done’ attitude makes a great impact.

Our mission

To build a next-gen financial platform for the Experience Economy that empowers employees and businesses to manage business expenses all in one place.

Our history

Our Founder & CEO, Simon Lenoir, experienced the struggle with expense management first-hand, back when he founded his first company, Rezdy, a global B2B SaaS business.

In fact, Simon mentioned to his long-time friend, the CEO of Spriggy (a mobile app and prepaid Visa card that makes it easy for parents to manage pocket money), that “if parents can trust a 12 year-old with a card, then CEOs can certainly trust their employees with a card!”

However, Simon could not find a suitable solution in Australia, so he decided that he would be the one to build it, solving this problem that so many small-to-medium Australian businesses experience.

The urge to build Budgetly was born.

Our leadership team


Simon Lenoir


Our fearless founder, Simon, is armed with experience gained from previous success in creating a Deloitte Fast 50 Business. Simon is now dedicated to building the first inclusive growth business that benefits both people and profit.


Hugo Sterin


Seasoned tech leader with a track record at Amazon Web Services (AWS), empowering digital businesses with cloud tech. Co-founder of Rezdy, a global tour booking platform. Passionate about innovative, customer-centric products via cloud tech and software development.


Lizzie Babarczy


Curious about new technology and data. Experienced brand and marketing specialist with 20+ years in B2B, B2C, and SaaS marketing. Skilled in data-driven growth, global branding, and team leadership with a strong work attitude to achieve key KPIs.


Robert Easton


Robert is a seasoned Accountant with 25+ years of experience, specialising in high-growth SME services businesses in the UK & Australia. Outside work, he enjoys spending time with his wife Alison, son Harry and their dogs and is an avid amateur triathlete.


Renae Ferguson

Head of Risk & Compliance

A seasoned lawyer with 20+ years of experience in financial regulation, dedicated to Risk Management and Governance. With a background spanning wholesale and retail banking, her partnership with Budgetly fulfils a dream of strategically implementing risk management in Fintech from startup to regulation.


Peter Jotanovic

Head of Product

Accomplished product, research, and design leader with 14 years’ experience as a business owner/operator of a design agency and product consultancy, followed by 10 years as Product Lead for B2B/SaaS companies.

At Budgetly, Peter's emphasis lies in customer-centric solutions, merging creativity with strategy to drive transformative change.


Matthew Clements

Head of Growth

A SaaS sales specialist and startup culture enthusiast, Matt brings cores values of purpose, mission and culture to his team building approach. He has a proven track record of successfully spearheading initiatives that drive growth and lead dynamic teams.


Caitlin Fairchild

Head of People & Culture

A seasoned leader in Recruitment and People Operations, specialising in streamlining processes for high-growth tech companies while fostering a people-centric culture. Caitlin has contributed to growth journeys from startups to global corporations, excelling in culture development, operations, and remote work advocacy.

Join our team

We move fast and have fun actioning positive change. Budgetly is a fast-growing fintech start-up that operates on a fully remote basis. With staff currently in NSW, VIC, QLD, WA and Europe, we look far and wide to find the most talented people with a shared belief in our Core Values.

We’re growing fast as one of the hottest Australian startups in a fast-changing industry.