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How Carer Solutions Made Expense Management Effortless With Budgetly

About Carer Solutions 

Carer Solutions is a service provider for people with disabilities. Using their Direct Employ service, they allow NDIS participants to directly employ their own support workers in their plan. The company also provides plan management services for NDIS participants.


About Budgetly

Budgetly is an Australian prepaid corporate card and expense management software provider. We’re committed to making expense management easy for all companies. Our service is adopted by many SMEs, childcare centres, and NDIS service providers across Australia.

How Carer Solutions Made Expense Management Effortless With Budgetly


Carer Solutions has grown significantly since its inception in 2011, and the company needed a proper system to manage expenses as employee numbers grew. 


Company employees would pay for expenses through company credit cards or use their money upfront and be reimbursed later. However, this process lacked structure and was generally inefficient due to a few reasons: 

  • Credit card sharing. Only a few credit cards were available for staff, and employees would share them. Alternatively, employees had to use their own cards or cash and submit claims for reimbursement. The card-sharing system and its subsequent claims process were lengthy and inefficient. 
  • No receipts for reimbursements.  Employees were busy doing the job they were meant to do, making them time-poor in submitting reimbursements and documentation. Hence, finance teams dealt with claims without invoices, receipts, and any details of transactions. 
  • Finance teams were dealing with multiple documents. For example, staff would send receipts through various platforms such as emails and hard copies. Hence it was difficult for finance teams to look for receipts when needed.  
  • The current process was time-consuming. It was common for finance personnel to go back to the employee and chase for receipts or ask for more information on the purpose of the transaction. This was a frustrating and time-consuming exercise, as most staff would promise receipts and not deliver them. 


As the appointed Head of Finance for Carer Solutions, Adam Shnider looked for a more streamlined approach to the company’s expense management process. 


Our Solution 

Budgetly supplied Carer Solutions with preloaded cards, which include access to an expense management software that’s usable on a mobile app, desktop, and laptop. Budgetly’s cards came in the form of physical cards and virtual cards, which staff can use through the Budgetly app. 


Carer Solutions can now operate with an efficient expense management process. For example, staff would use their Budgetly card to pay and record their transactions in the app. They can also capture receipts through their phones and upload them to the Budgetly app. 


Example from the Budgetly app


Carer Solutions would assign budget owners within departments, and as long as staff had access to the budgets, they could spend against the budget allocated to them. 


With Budgetly’s pre-loaded cards, expense management has become easier to manage for Carer Solutions. In addition, finance personnel and departments heads can now create better systems by:

  • Put controls in place and add card restrictions for employees who are still learning the system properly.
  • Edit budgets immediately by adding or reducing the funds in the budget
  • Synergise budgets between departments and give finance better control of all department budgets
  • Automatically reconcile all transactions so that finance teams never have to manually do it themselves. 


Example of Budgetly’s system


More importantly, administrators and finance personnel can view all transactions and receipts in one place and stop chasing staff for receipts every month. 


Example of Budgetly’s system



With Budgetly’s help, Carer Solutions has significantly improved its expense management process. In addition, Budgetly’s auto-reconciliation features and app features had cut downtime spent by both staff and finance personnel. 


“Since we have moved to Budgetly, the process of recording receipts and allocating spend to a particular budget has been a lot easier, quicker, and it’s saved us a lot of time. There’s minimal back and forth for the finance team. 

Adam Shnider, Head of Finance


Budgetly’s system was efficient and easy to use, and it didn’t take long for staff to learn how it works. Once they had gotten used to the new system with Budgetly, using it became second nature. 


“The first person in our company to use Budgetly was from our marketing team, and he found it very easy! He would send me messages saying, ‘I love this new system!’ because he was using his own credit card and trying to get reimbursements before that. Even employees who were not technologically savvy took only one or two learning sessions to learn how to use the card.” 

Adam Shnider, Head of Finance

For Adam, managing company expenses has been significantly smoother. Budgetly’s system now allows him to verify that staff have the submitted needed receipts and ensure that the right budgets are being used for the right spend.


“Currently, the process of checking for receipts, ensuring it’s from the right budget, and exporting these statements from Budgetly to a financial software takes us only an hour. It's so easy to sort and filter all the information you need, and you’re just verifying that the statements make sense.”

Adam Shnider, Head of Finance


From a messy process, Carer Solutions now has an efficient way to manage expenses. From onboarding to customer support, Budgetly has helped Carer Solutions implement this new and effortless process into their daily operations. 


“I’d absolutely recommend Budgetly to other businesses. It’s a no-brainer. And the support from Matt and the team, from their phone call check-ins to even giving us their phone numbers, you just feel safe and secure as a business.”

Adam Shnider, Head of Finance

For more information on Budgetly and how we work, schedule a demo with us today, or watch a 10-minute recorded demo. 

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