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How ActsCare Group Saved a Full Day’s Work With Budgetly

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About ActsCare Group

ActsCare is a registered NDIS service provider located in Toowoomba, Queensland. The organisation provides NDIS-related services such as direct one-to-one support, supported housing, and group support services across the Crows Nest, Warwick, Stanthorpe, Western Downs, and Brisbane area.


About Budgetly

Budgetly is a prepaid corporate card and expense management software provider. We’re committed to making expense management easy for all companies. Our service is adopted by many SMEs, childcare centres, and NDIS service providers across Australia.


ActsCare delivers high-quality services to NDIS participants and residents through their supported housing. However, the company needed a better way to organise its expense management process. 


Finance personnel in the company were working through expenses manually. For example, staff would use the company credit card when paying for daily expenses and submit the receipt to finance to be reconciled. 


While company credit cards were convenient in some ways, they posed quite a few challenges: 


  • Lengthy time in setting up credit cards. Setting up a new company credit card from the bank required a lot of paperwork and time. Most credit cards would take a couple of months to process, and some employees would have moved on to other employment before the cards ever arrived. 
  • Waste of time chasing receipts and sorting paperwork. Managing funds and getting receipts back from the departments and support houses was usually a lost cause. ActsCare’s finance personnel would spend one full day chasing staff for receipts. More importantly, the company’s financial statements did not match the company accounts, and there was no way to cross-check without the receipts.
  • Loss of GST rebates. As a registered NDIS service provider, ActsCare was allowed to claim GST rebates. However, the company could not claim these rebates due to loss of receipts. Compounded with the cost of the equipment itself, this resulted in plenty of unclaimed allowances. 


ActsCare Chief Administrator Dale Simmich was then introduced to Budgetly by his colleague Leanne Levick, the Operations Manager.


Our Solution 

Budgetly supplied ActsCare with five initial prepaid corporate cards, which includes access to an expense management software usable on a mobile app, desktop, and laptop. The virtual cards were generated instantly, and Budgetly dispatched physical cards within three business days. 


Using the virtual cards in the mobile app, ActsCare staff and support workers can now make purchases immediately. It eliminated the pain of waiting months for a company credit card. 



Staff can also capture and record receipts using their phones. These receipts are then recorded and automatically reconciled, eliminating two of ActsCare’s biggest issues - chasing staff for receipts and reconciling company expenses.  



With Budgetly’s pre-loaded cards, budgeting has become flexible for ActsCare. Card administrators can now: 

  • Edit budgets immediately by adding or reducing the funds in the budget
  • Create special budgets to accommodate one-time purchases such as entertainment or events. 
  • Create a second budget with leftover money from groceries for the week.
  • Set budgets to roll over or reset for the month or week or to be used as a one-time expense. 


Budgetly Budget


ActsCare administrators can also view and sort transactions into categories and tags, ensuring that all payments liable to GST rebates are properly documented by attaching receipts. These statements can be downloaded with a click of a mouse and submitted for rebates.




Using Budgetly’s preloaded cards saved ActsCare at least one full day a month in receipt management. Now, the company’s finance personnel don’t have to collect receipts from staff or spend tedious hours reconciling transactions.  


“We tried many other systems but decided to go with Budgetly because we could finally stop searching for receipts, and our statements tied in automatically with our accounts. Now, receipts are uploaded by support workers and other staff, and I can alter budgets or add some money on short notice. It’s a lot of time saved on admin.”

Dale Simmich, Chief Administrator


Most NDIS service providers do not realise that there are better ways to manage expenses than petty cash, credit cards, and reimbursements. For Dale Simmich, using Budgetly didn’t just solve ActsCare’s initial problems posed by these other expense management methods, it also helped the company improve its overall process and efficiency in expense management. 


“Budgetly worked well for us initially, but it worked even better once we started asking the right questions about our expense management, and going through the pain points in our company. It helped us solve a bulk of them and overall saved us time, money, and some grey hairs!”

Dale Simmich, Chief Administrator


“I would recommend Budgetly to other businesses. If you don’t try it you’re probably not seeing the operational problems you already have.”

Dale Simmich, Chief Administrator


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