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How Hillsborough OOSH Saves Time and Achieves Greater Visibility with Budgetly

About Hillsborough OOSH 

Hillsborough OOSH is a childcare provider located in New South Wales. Their goal is to deliver a safe and supportive learning environment for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. Hillsborough OOSH is a Company with sister Centres at Wallsend South and Warners Bay NSW, which also utilises Budgetly.

About Budgetly

Budgetly is a prepaid corporate card and expense management software provider committed to making expense management easy for all companies. Our clients range from SMEs, childcare centres, and NDIS service providers. 

Hillsborough OOSH: Saving Time and Greater Visibility with Budgetly.

Hillsborough OOH is a childcare provider that needed a better system to manage their current expenses. 


Hillsborough OOSH’s expense management process was highly manual. Staff generally used a company credit card for their expenses, and they would submit the receipt to the bookkeeper for reconciliation afterwards. This system posed quite a few challenges to the company. 

  • Chasing receipts. For a long time, staff were not sending in their receipts after any purchase. It was a constant challenge for the company’s bookkeeper to chase up staff for their receipts. Because everyone was generally busy with their day-to-day activities, keeping track of receipts was an unnecessary challenge, especially on a hectic day. 
  • Time spent on manual admin work. Besides that, their currency process was also a hassle to the bookkeeper, who had to spend an unreasonable amount of time manually scanning, compiling, and reconciling those receipts with the transactions in the company credit card.
  • Lack of visibility over expenses. More importantly, Hillsborough OOSH saw a significant amount of unaccounted company funds. Because staff were using the company credit cards and not sending in the paperwork, there was no visibility of what was spent and no chance of reconciling them. 

Initially, Hillsborough OOSH used a prominent software provider to scan and upload receipts. However, the software stopped functioning correctly after a while. For example, the software did not receive scanned receipts, and re-scanning them took at least an hour of work time. 

As a Director of Hillsborough OOSH, Judy O’Leary wanted a better system to manage her company’s expenses. 


Our Solution 

Budgetly supplied Hillsborough OOSH with ten prepaid corporate cards, which came equipped with expense management software that’s usable on a mobile app, desktop, and laptop.  

Using the mobile app, Hillsborough OOSH staff can now capture any receipts using their phone, and it is recorded and automatically reconciled on the Budgetly app. Additionally, Hillsborough OOSH can also view all transactions on their software in real-time, which gives them better control and visibility. 




Moreover, all expenses are easily reconciled with Xero, the accounting software used by Hillsborough OOSH. 




With Budgetly, Hillsborough managed to save at least 10 hours a week on manual time. The childcare provider removed time spent on scanning receipts and reconciling expenses with their corporate credit card statements and Xero.


“The main thing for us with Budgetly was the convenience. The Budgetly account on Xero pretty much reconciles itself because everything is just there, and it saves us a lot of time .”

Judy O’Leary


Budgetly is well-experienced in working with other Australian childcare providers. This means that Budgetly is familiar with how childcare operations work and their specific requirements. 


“We were contacted by another company that offered similar expense management services, but we decided to use Budgetly in the end because we wanted to engage with an Australian company. They also had a good background of working with other childcare companies, which gave me a lot of confidence.“

Judy O’Leary


For Judy, a significant benefit of using Budgetly’s prepaid corporate cards was the visibility and accountability of each staff transaction. This visibility on transactions helped her save even more in terms of company costs. 


“I can now set a cap on my [company] spending. For example, previously, staff would tell me that they would spend $400 on equipment, but now I can set how much they should spend on equipment, making it more transparent for staff and reducing the risk of overspending. So that’s handy.”

Judy O’Leary


For more information on Budgetly and how we work, schedule a demo with us today, or watch a 3-minute on-demand demo of how we help childcare providers


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