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How Manning Support Services Inc. Saved Hours on Chasing Receipts With Budgetly

About Manning Support Services

Manning Support Services provides care and support to seniors, along with their carers and families. Located in NSW, the organisation is a provider of government-funded aged care packages, parenting programs, and many other community services. 


About Budgetly

Budgetly is a prepaid corporate card and expense management software provider. We’re committed to making expense management easy for all companies. Our service is adopted by many SMEs, aged care providers, and NDIS service providers across Australia.


Manning Support Services is an organisation that empowers the community and families in New South Wales. As a prominent aged care provider in the region, the company needed a better way to keep track of its receipts and manage its expense process. 


The company operated on a highly manual expense management process. For example, staff were given a bank debit card for ad hoc purchases and would then have to submit the receipts along with the relevant paperwork to the finance department via email.


This system posed a few challenges due to a few reasons: 

  • The process was too tedious. Upon making a purchase with the debit card, staff would have to fill up a paper purchase order form with the relevant details of the transaction. They would also have to scan the form with the relevant receipts to a central finance email that’s visible to everyone.

  • Too much work for finance staff.  The finance staff would chase employees for missing receipts and request more information from incomplete documents. This was done at the end of the month, and it took up a lot of time from the finance department. 

  • Reconciliation challenges. Finance teams would manually record and reconcile transactions every month and would go through a massive pile of receipts and paper documents to match up transactions. In addition to chasing receipts, the process took an unreasonable amount of time. 
  • Employee morale needed a boost. With the volume of card transactions and subsequent incomplete documentation, staff across the organisation would become agitated because of how manual the process was for each transaction made. There was an increasing amount of administrative work required, taking away from the primary tasks of their jobs. 
  • Lack of visibility. Bank debit cards didn’t provide the finance team at Manning Support Services any visibility on transactions. As a result, items were only accounted for long after being purchased. 


In search of an improved approach that would provide time and cost-savings as well as increased accuracy, CFO Steve and Senior Finance Manager  Ashana were introduced to Budgetly’s preloaded corporate cards and expense management software for Manning Support Services.


Our Solution 

Manning Support Services were given 40 prepaid corporate cards, which include access to an expense management software that’s usable on a mobile app, desktop, and laptop. Budgetly issued out virtual cards instantly to staff, and the physical cards were dispatched within three business days. 


Budgetly’s virtual cards can be used through Budgetly’s mobile app. In addition, staff can now use their smartphone camera to capture and record receipts and upload them using the Budgetly app. 


Example from the Budgetly app


Using the app, staff can also key in the transaction details, eliminating the need for finance teams to chase for receipts and transaction details. 


Example from the Budgetly app

Besides that, all transactions are reconciled automatically in Budgetly’s software, saving the aged care provider time in manually sorting through paper receipts and documents. Finance teams and department heads can also view all transactions in real-time, which gives them better control and visibility than a bank debit card. 


Example of Budgetly’s system



With Budgetly’s prepaid corporate cards, Manning Support Services streamlined its expense management and reduced administrative time. Finance teams did not have to chase staff for receipts, and staff now have a better system to capture and store receipts. 


“We ended up going from 60 missing receipts in a month to just four, one month after implementation. Budgetly has also helped us set spending rules for employees so that teams don’t go over budget.”

Ashana, Senior Finance Manager


For Manning Support Services, using Budgetly has significantly reduced the time staff and finance personnel were spending trying to capture receipts, fill up paperwork, and reconcile transactions. As a result, staff are more empowered and can now do the work they were meant to do. 


“The biggest benefit for us (using Budgetly) is time-saving. We wanted a system that could solve our problems, and it has given us the intended benefit and resolved  most of the expense management issues that we’ve had.”

Ashana, Senior Finance Manager


Overall, Budgetly has been a great system that significantly changed how Manning Support Services manages their daily purchases. It was also an easy system to use with the help of the Budgetly team. 


“We’ve had great support and service from both Matt and Eloise (from Budgetly). I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait on hold when I’ve called, and I’ve never had to wait longer than one day for a reply. The team have also been very open to our feedback on how to improve the product. So I like that they are accepting of new ideas!”

Ashana, Senior Finance Manager


For more information on Budgetly and how we work for aged care providers, schedule a demo with us today, or watch a 10-minute recorded demo. 

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